You need not feel guilty leaving your companion animal while you’re at work, away for the day, traveling, on business or on vacation.

While pets are always loyally excited to be picked up by their caretakers, they also, if they are repeat lodgers, come in excited about having another day with us.

Pets will be pleased and well cared for by the Animal Clinic’s animal-loving team members!

Our kennel staff has the experience and personal commitment to ensure that your pet receives affection and friendship…almost like home! And you can take comfort knowing that a veterinarian is available.

Dogs are routinely exercised 2-3 times daily, and for a stress free stay, separate areas are provided for our canine and feline guests. Since both species consider eating to be a highlight of the day we serve premium Science diet food, although you may certainly bring in your cat or dog’s own food from home.

Your dog can choose to lounge on a doggy bed and enjoy the view of the pond with its swans and geese.

Animals are admitted and released during normal office hours